Zoë Holland

Aesthetic Registered Nurse

Zoe is a Beverly Hills Aesthetic Registered Nurse with a background in Critical Care, ICU. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is passionate about wellness & preventative medicine, plant-based lifestyle, aesthetics, and everything anti-­aging. Zoe is a highly respected wellness & aesthetic consultant, dedicated yogi, and animal advocate.

In her teens, Zoe studied acting and improve at Van Mar Academy of Motion Picture and Television Acting. She then moved on joining the medical society after receiving her first nursing license at the young age of 19. Zoe started her nursing career as a weight loss and nutrition licensed nurse, coaching patients for a renowned group of Southern California bariatric clinics founded by Dr. Marshall Stamper (a respected pioneer in the study of weight loss and obesity). During her 12 years with Dr. Stamper, she was regarded and titled as a “Healthy Role Model” and won a recognition award for one of the best Clinic Managers of the company.

Zoe had a large patient fan-base. Her devoted patients would travel to follow her in any clinic location she practiced out of because her individual and genuine support was unparalleled. The diversity of her patients range from Hollywood Celebrities to stay-at-home-moms.

During her years as a Critical Care Registered Nurse, Zoe worked in some of the most prestigious intensive care units, most notably as a Neuro-Surgical Critical Care Registered Nurse at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills.

Zoe also graduated from Marki Costello’s TV Hosting Academy and from Liberation Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles where she obtained a Yoga Teacher Certification. She continues to attend workshops and classes as one of her creative interests and maintains certifications in aesthetics, injectables, neuromodulators, and coolsculpting.

Zoe is continuously researching the most cutting-edge aesthetic technologies and reliable trends in wellness and anti-aging. She is consistent in renewing ways to integrate her holistic approach with her aesthetic nursing practice while using her innovative individuality to help others. With a high attention to detail, her goal is to provide quality patient care. She brews medical knowledge, honest recommendations, and aims to create a relaxing experience.